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. >>> good evening. brian is off tonight. i'm lester holt. >>> former president george w. bush is hospitalized tonight, recovering from a procedure to open up a blocked artery in his heart. doctors discovered the blockage during a routine exam and placed a stent in the artery. it's a pretty common procedure, performed thousands of times each year in the country. still, the news caught a lot of us offguard, as the 67-year-old former president has always appeared quite fit, and is known for maintaining a vigorous exercise regiment. and so tonight, his diagnosis has put the spotlight on the limits of a healthy lifestyle when it comes to a healthy heart. our chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman starts us off. >> reporter: when he was in office, president bush's medical team declared him to be in the superior fitness category. with low blood pressure and low cholesterol levels. >> i had my physical. and i'm feeling pretty good. >> reporter: even after leaving office, president bush has continued to maintain an active exercise regimen six times a week. >> it doesn't take much tim
. >> and an unexpected trip to the hospital for a former president known for his fitness. george w. bush at the operating room and how he's doing tonight. do you see the 10% back in points, aw baby, i'm seeing triple again. plus another 10%, plus free shipping? yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears. >>> new at 5:00, nbc news chief justice correspondent pete williams is reporting a libyan man, ahmed ca ta la is charged with playing a significant role in last year's attack on the u.s. dipietroic compound in benghazi. he's the first person known to be charged in connection with that attack which killed four people including piedmont high and uc berkeley grad ambassador chris stevenson. ca ta la has been described as the founder of a libyan extremist group. vegs are have said they believe he was at the u.s. consulate during the attack. u.s. authorities have identified about half a dozen other people also suspected of being involved in that attack. >>> at the same time the terror alert about a possible al qaeda attack has been ratcheted up another notch with the ordered that no
and george w. bush's approach in the war on terror. i will agree with rick on one point, and that is we do live in a post-benghazi world, especially when it comes to embassy protection. and there are a lot of families of people who were killed at benghazi that wish they'd gone on this sort of alert. so this is, this is, benghazi is the 800-pound elephant that nobody's speaking about on this matter. that's why so many embassies have been shut down. but i don't know that there would be a lot of people saying it's because of the tim duncan ti of barack obama but rather the mistakes made in benghazi. >> look, drone policy is one policy. what we've seen is an administration that has refused to confront radical islam, that embraced the muslim brotherhood in egypt and now you see the consequences of that and what's happened there. they have not been -- they won't even use the word "terror." they have withdrawn politically from the engagement and fight. yeah, sure, they're going after bad guys with drone programs, but that is not a comprehensive policy -- >> but, rick, i have not, if you've watche
they've identified around half a dozen other suspects. >>> former president george w. bush is expected to go home today after doctors successfully implanted a stent tuesday to open up a blocked artery in his heart. a stent is essentially scaffolding placed into an artery, which restores blood flow and prevents a heart attack. the news caught many off guard because the 67-year-old is known for maintaining a exercise regimen. wish him luck. >>> the accused ft. hood shooter acting like his own attorney. major nidal hasan said the evidence will clearly show he is the shooter, but he said the evidence will not tell the entire story. prosecutors say the army psychiatrist carefully planned the attack on his fellow troops, but spared civilians in 2009. >>> the son of r & b singer usher is in intensive care following a freak accident in a swimming pool. the 5-year-old's arm got stuck in a drain at the bottom of the pool you see there. he was given cpr by a contractor working in the home. police say he was conscious and alert when firefighters arrived. now usher's ex-wife is reportedly seeking c
. >> driving off on the jet ski. >>> time for a look ahead. a spokesman for george w. bush says he plans to return to his normal schedule today. he was released from a dallas hospital on wednesday after undergoing surgery to place a stint in a blocked heart artery. >>> the national oceanic and atmospheric administration released an updated forecast for the 2013 atlantic hurricane season. and also happy birthday to roger federer who turns 32. connie stevens, 75. and oscar winner dustin hoffman turns 76. >>> keep . >>> we are following breaking news a. shooting rampage in the dallas area involving at least two different locations. we're learning children are among the victims. we'll have all the datest details next. >>> the head of one south bay school district under scrutiny accused of skroewing test resul. >>> a library sitting without any books. it could stay that way for some time. what's stopping one south bay city for opening its newest library. >>> let's take a camera shot outside. this is a live look. attempting in the darkness to see your golden gate bridge. want to talk about smo
drone surveillance goes to the capitol. >> and an update on president george w. bush's surgery today. >> as you probably heard, the governor moved in and called off a b.a.r.t. strike this week and he appointed a special board to look at the labor disputes. should we take any comfort in the steps. in tonight's reality check, we will talk about the gubernatorial role in labor. >> tomorrow morning in oakland, the three-board panel convened by governor brown is going to look at what is keeping b.a.r.t. and the negotiators from reaching a deal. >> will it work? we explore the history. seems like we've seen the movie before. >> this has been tried before usually without success. this has not happened in more than a decade. between 1988 and two you though a -- and 2001. you know how many agreements were struck in two months? 1. not good odds for this latest bout. >> this is what state leaders are trying to avoid. the summer second shut down of b.a.r.t. trains in little more than a month. and both sides made an effort to patch up their differences. we moved. >> it was up to a three-judge pan
" saying this morning that you see from christie something close to what george w. bush did in 1998, shoring up support among hispanics, african-americans, even as he was seeking re-election in texas in '98, trying to get the broader appeal for the party. it worked for him in 2000. >> this debate with rand paul i think is a little sterile, because you have the rand paul camp saying the party needs principles. well, of course it does, because any party without principles is rudderless and passive. and you have chris christie saying you need power and a compelling governing agenda. well, of course you do because that's the only way you effect your principles. so it's not either/or. it's both. i think what christie is after is the george w. bush model saying this is a model for the presidential race and what he would hope to do is cement that establishment slot in the primary and hope he's facing a divided field on the right. and if history is any guide, that's a pretty good way to win a republican no, ma'am nation. >> robert gibbs? >> and the peatwathway may have gotten a little clear
encouragement to run for president today from somebody you might not expect, barbara bush. not the former first lady. we're talking about the former first daughter. in an interview with "people" magazine, george w. bush's daughter barbara, jenna's twin sister, called mrs. clinton unbelievably accomplished and said she'd like to see her enter the 2016 race. but would she vote for her? she says it depends on who else was running. >>> a stunning announcement from the professional sports world, just weeks after winning at wimbledon, tennis player marion bartoli says it's over. she's retiring from tennis at age 28. the announcement came after she was defeated in a match in cincinnati. she said constant physical pain had taken its toll, that she'd pushed her body to the limit to achieve her dream, but just cannot do it anymore. >>> when we come back, car lovers only dreamed it was true. tonight we found it, a collection of classics. the stuff of urban legend. >>> finally tonight, they are pieces of the past. from a time when american cars ruled the road, and for those who worship those cars and that
world. >>> president george w. bush is in a texas hospital this morning after undergoing heart surgery. doctors discovered a blockage in one of mr. bush's arteries during a routine checkup just yesterday. this morning, surgeons placed a stent to open the blockage. the surgery went smoothly and the former president is in high spirits. >> happy to hear that good news. >>> back here in the bay area, six days and counting now, yeah, the reality is that clock still ticking to the next possible b.a.r.t. strike. now we know when a special board will convene to take a closer look at the issue. the independent review board, pointed a by governor jerry brown, all set to hold a public meeting tomorrow morning at 10:30. during that time, the panel will hear arguments from both sides about exactly what's holding up contract talks. it will then fry and put together a fact finding report for the governor, who will decide if a cooling-off period will be needed. >>> commuters, they will have another concern beside the b.a.r.t. strike. ac transit workers have now issued a strike notice to the agency's b
, no serious injuries there. >>> back home, former president george w. bush was released from a hospital in texas today. a day after a stent was inserted to open a clogged artery in his heart. the blockage was found during an annual physical the former president had on monday. he's said to be doing well and will resume a normal schedule tomorrow. >>> still ahead tonight, we'll find out how brian is doing after a surgery so many americans are getting these days. >>> but first, pool safety and the danger that may exist in many pools across the country. >>> and later, an irresistible new show in black and white. >>> we're back with an issue that's getting new attention tonight -- pool safety -- after an accident involving the son of a famous singer earlier this week. the child became trapped in the suction of the pool's drain. experts say that's a danger in many pools across the country. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: it was a frantic call to atlanta 911. >> yes. i have -- my nephew was in the pool. and he -- he went and i couldn't get him. >> reporter: the 5-year-old son of pop st
to george w. bush emphasizing that there is an american president he gets along with. it's not barack obama. and the president also in describing the slouch, the bored-looking kid. that's not the way you would expect the president to describe another head of state. he also, though, did emphasize he is not going to boycott the olympics. he said it's really important for the athletes, they've trained. and he said the best message, because of that ban in russia on homosexuality is for gay and lesbian athletes to come home with the gold. >> i know he talked a little bit about the terror threat. we've been under overseas for the last several days. and i know there's late word now about those embassy and diplomatic closings. what have you heard? >> indeed the state department says that on sunday, they're going to reopen 18 of the 19 yemen, will remain closed, also closed will be lahore, the consulate in pakistan they closed last night overnight. so there's a reopening. they've obviously shored up the defenses of these diplomatic posts and they couldn't have kept them closed forever. >> all right.
calls from two future presidents, ronald rag enand george h.w. bush. reagan insisted he was behind nixon and sympathized. bush praised his speech to the nation. one year later, nixon resigned in disgrace. >>> infants and school kids will lose access to head start. in tonight's reality check sam brock examines the report that shows 57,000 kids will lose slots in head start this year. >> reporter: this is a federal report that we're going off of issued by the u.s. department of health and human services. the feds have to approve every cut in every head start center in the united states. if you take their word and take out the 1300 spots in u.s. territories you have 56,000 which is close enough to the president's prediction that is splitting hairs to say he wasn't watch. if it's true that each empty desk is a student set to lose a spot in the head start program there will be 57,000 of those this fall. >> because of the reckless cuts there are parent whose kids got kicked out of head start who are scrambling for a solution. >> reporter: president obama raised red flags in the spring. and in
this morning, former president george w. bush has successfully undergone a heart procedure after doctors found a blockage in an artery. kelly o'donnell is here with more. >> reporter: good morning. the 64-year-old former president was undergoing a normal checkup yesterday. that's when they discovered this blocked artery in his heart. his doctors recommended a stint procedure to open that artery. that surgery was performed this morning, and it was described as successful. it was done at the texas health presbyterian center. the former president remains hospitalized today but expects to be released tomorrow. aides say he will resume his schedule on thursday. he thanks everyone for the good wishes and suggested that everyone get a checkup. so the former president is doing well. natalie? >> kelly o'donnell at the white house. thanks so much for the update. >>> finally, a martial arts demonstration gone horribly wrong. take a look. this happened over in the u.k. the taekwondo master giving a demonstration in front of students and parents. no matter how hard he tries, he just can't break that board,
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)